Noise Impact Survey Results

This page contains all of the submissions of the noise impact survey. Details about how the aircraft noise is affecting people are provided first and the rest of the survey statistics are provided below in an easy to interpret visual way.

Noise Impact Survey Submissions

R Foyle of Brahma Lodge (06/08/2019)

These Aircraft Training Flights are becomming More & More Annoying and Frequently ... they have a started earlier e.g between 6am-7am . I can't start a Lawnmower before, why should these Training Flights begin eary without Consequence. I have tried calling the Airport directly with not much Success, except once I managed to speak with some rude excuse for a human , & he suggested I moved, easiser said then done smart a##e.R My backyard has become used less & less due to the Constant Drone Noise ofthese Annoying Aircraft.... The Noise makes it near Impossible to try get any Sleep in the Mornings 7 days aweek, I also have a Medical Problem , & need Rest to recover from Medical procedures , but this Airport Training Noise makes it impossible & I have to , move out to my Friends place to do this....

R Tucker of Mawson Lakes (03/08/2019)

Only started this week from the 30th I have lived in the area for 4 years and never had a problem until now. If it doesn’t subside I will be doing my part in taking it further. I have lived in Mawson Lakes since 2015. Never had a problem till end of July/early August this year 2019, where the planes started flying every 5 mins. In some cases before 6am and later than 11pm. I have complained to air services however they are really on ones side making me look crazy for complaining about flights that have started before 6am. Living in the area you know the difference between the sound of a bowing 747 flying high in the distance and a small commercial plane from Adelaide airport. The noise is relentless and us as loud as my neighbor mowing the lawn, and does not even cater for an 8 hour window for sleep. Something has to be done, and I’m happy to be contacted for any petitions or taking legal actions agains the airport

A Attia of Brahma Lodge (04/07/2019)

unlivable nightmare,, sometimes there is couple of airoplains over my area at the same time ,,, its like living in a war movie and the plains is about to drop bombs on us....

K Cunningham of Salisbury Plains (25/06/2019)

They can lol straight furn st low altitude into my yard no privacy at all from above aircraft coming in to land

D Takats of Salisbury (25/06/2019)

I've lived in Salisbury for the past 12 years in the same location adjacent to Bridgestone Reserve. I've found the noise to have increased dramatically in the past 2 year with flights starting from 6.30am until 10pm. At times the humming is that unbearable if feel like wearing ear plugs. It can be continuous (every 30 secs) with multiple planes following each other where there is no break in the noise. The noise has affected the quality of being at home. On the odd day they don't fly, is the only time you have peace. I made a formal complaint with airservices Australia 6-06-2018. Interesting to note case number being 11229. have a copy on hand if anyone want to see it. I've used a decibel meter downloaded on to my i-phone, which captured readings well in excess of whats allowed outside, but this was within my house. My understanding also is that Parafield is owned by Adelaide Airport. Working from home regularly means that the noise can be relentless and I am considering moving house next year, due to this problem as there is no peace. I'm happy to be contact if needed for any further action.

T Lebedeva of Parafield Gardens (23/05/2019)

I cannot to live with this noise any longer. Impossible to live under constant noise of planes especially early in the morning and late at night. I’m only able to rest only from 2 am until 6 am – every other time I hear noise from airplanes and helicopters. The noise level law is that no loud noise to be made after 7 pm, especially after 11 pm, however the airport does not comply with this, - it feels like a constant lawnmower in my backyard, morning to night, morning to night. I can feel how my nervous system suffers from this constant, loud noise. This sound is unhealthy for humans health and when it lasts a long time it feels like mental torture and bullying. I cannot escape from this noise, it is loud and it is constant. This is fascism over the people in the area! We are not considered people! Human rights are visually impaired and no one from the government pays attention to this. Active actions are needed - rallies, agitation, media exposure!! if my complaint is unheard / if local and federal courts do not help, the International Court of Justice will be on our side! I’m not the only resident that feels this way. Transferring the airport will not affect its work, but will improve the lives of people. Plus will create additional jobs for its transfer, valuable land for residential property will be freed - only positive aspects for people and the government, but will the personal interests and personal gain of the airports owners prevent the transfer of the airport to solve these questions? What rent does the government get for this land? Does it correspond to the price we pay for our health!?

K Howard of Mawson Lakes (23/04/2019)

You can't concentrate on a book movie or conversation. Mawson Lakes Central gets the take off and turning part of the circle, low in the sky and full power! Interestingly this is the most densley populated part of the flight path. I wonder if they ever considered if they crashed into a multi storey apartment building (like where I live) how many people's lives would be ruined? Our lives are already miserable because of their flight school. If you cannot fall asleep at exactly 11pm when they stop you are in trouble because they start at 7am the next day! They seem to always start early and finish late. There seems to be less frequent flights during the middle of the day. Why not organise it better so not to disturb so many people early in the morning and late at night? This is when their noise is most obvious! It's really getting worse in the past year. I've been driven almost to tears because of lack of sleep and so much noise. I have to take dangerous sleeping pills to make sure i can be asleep by 11pm. Sometimes that doesn't work. i mean it's not exactly a relaxing way to spend an evening listening to planes every 20 seconds. If the drugs don't work, and I get woken up at 630am it's horrible . It is so miserable you really do feel hopeless when you complain they say it's not going to change. I go to salisbury post office often and they only just clear the carpark fence coming in to land. More than once it's scared me thinking they were going to crash into thr carpark while I'm right there. The way they come in to land really shaky and wobbly. The pilots are clearly begginers and flying over our homes every minute. Frightening stuff.

D Allen of Gulfview Heights (07/04/2019)

My complaint is directed at public Holidays and Sunday morning aircraft noise before what may be considered a reasonable time. The noise is effecting my sleep and now impacting other bedroom activities. As far as making my home sound proof this is not an option when having evaporative AC and I like to sleep with my windows open.

S Rombola of Salisbury (20/03/2019)

Wakes me up preventing me from going back to sleep. Sleep deprivation causes all sorts of issues.

S Mills of Gulfview Heights (18/03/2019)

We recently moved from a higher elevation in gulfview heights into the older area. We have found now the plans fly directly over our new home ( this is a new build so installation is to a higher standard than the older 20 year home up the hill ) and is constant to the point of ever 1 min or so on some occasions. We have been in the area for over 22 years an not had a lot of issue but in the last 2 years or so really noticing that they are disturbing our sleep and just watching TV. We cant watch the TV and have the back door open and if we do we have to turn the TV up so load it is ridicules. We have tried to combat this with Double glassing in our bedroom to no avail. We can not sleep in after 7:00am as the constant droning at that time is over bearing.

S E of Parafield Gardens (13/03/2019)

Well I just brought my house here in parafield gardens knowing planes fly near airport never considered over my house non stop every 32 seconds. I can watch laying on my bed at nights seeing them one by one coming straight towards me. I lived in hendon for 30 years until the move in nov 2018. I lived near adelaide airport and we got planes daily but never once bothered me, even the first jumbo around 5-6 am. As im writing this planes are coming over. Wed thurs from 5pm till midnight i can count over 40 plus planes every minute or under. Like i stated 5 month living here and its starting to get in my head. It's sad as i like the house i purchased and can't move on, cant afford to sell and move, i fear for a plane may hit my house one day and my 4 grandkids now worried about their health. Shaz

M Kaminski of Mawson Lakes (13/03/2019)

"Can't sleep anytime after 7am or before 11am as there are too many planes flying over. I can still live in relative peace as I'm slightly further away from the airport, however when planes do fly over you need to pause your conversation or the TV etc as its hard to hear. My main problem is that 7 years ago when we moved in there was hardly any noise, however in the last 6 months there has been a significant noticeable difference in not only the number of flights but more importantly how low the planes fly."

E Piwen of Mawson Lakes (07/03/2019)

"I have kids that need sleep for school the noise is keeping them awake. I work shift work so dont get much sleep due to noise My husband and Son must be up 6am for work and dont get sleep. Our phones continuously cut out due to the planes flying over. No longer happy in my home cant sit and relax in my back yard let alone lay on bed to relax and watch a movie without hearing the planes. I have a train line behind me that makes far less noise then these planes. I called up the parafield airport at 915pm asking if they know what time it is and explained that I have kids that need to sleep and the lady was rude her reply was I suggest u move if u dont like it. We dont mow lawns at this time of night due to noise.... the plains are much worse then mowing a lawn."

K Nesbitt of Mawson Lakes (04/03/2019)

"Aircraft noise seems to have increased recently and the times are ridiculous. This morning it started at 6.30am and tonight they seem to have just started flying at 9.20pm. Why start so early and late. We have kids trying to sleep and that's when they start! Pick better times this is ridiculous! Also sets our dog off when they start flying over our house every 5 minutes."

Y Dong of Mawson Lakes (04/03/2019)

"The training starts very early and extremely frequently, this has been worsen recently and definitely affecting the living quality of my life."

P Maurangi of Parafield Gardens (03/03/2019)

"They fly right over are property everyday it’s getting to the point where it’s like 10 plans that fly over every half an hour wish it would just slow down"

S Dawson of Para Hills (03/03/2019)

"Hours of the morning when the house is trying to sleep as we all work 5 to 6 days a week and we get woken up by a plane. Also when we are having a few people over if a plane goes past you can hear it over top of the noise "

J Allsop of Para Hills (03/03/2019)

"This noise is starting to mentally affect my well being and honestly is affecting my life the noise starts by 630 am qhd continues right throughtout the day i honestly want to move from my home due to these aircrafts !!"

S Carthew of Mawson Lakes (28/02/2019)

"Stops me from sleeping particularly when it starts at 10 pm. Why can’t they do it at 9? Wakes up my disabled child and he won’t go back to sleep. I lose hours of sleep because of it. I want to move but our home has been modified for my sons disability."

M Lewicki of Pooraka (28/02/2019)

"It's the early morning and late night when it impacts worst. During the day I am at work so I don't get the day time effects. But not so weekends! The constant droning all but dashes any enjoyment of our backyard on a fine day. We are driven in doors and often have shut windows to get peace."

L Suter of Mawson Lakes (20/02/2019)

"The noise is ongoing all day, sometimes every 45-60 seconds, not to mention from 0600-2300 hrs! I can't hear myself or family members talking in our rear yard, we can't sleep or it wakes us up, and our 2 yo daughter lays awake at night and during the day when she naps also. Planes aren't a problem, however the frequency and the hours of them flying over are. It's increased over the years and continues to increase which interferes with our enjoyment and quality of life and drives house and land prices down."

D Rhue of Pooraka (09/02/2019)

"The constant noise makes it hard to hold functions outdoors, and when we have guests have been amazed at the constant noise in the area. The ability to open up windows and doors when there is a cool breeze is reduced due to the constant noise."

J Payne of Mawson Lakes (06/02/2019)

"I only moved to Mawson Lakes around 4 years ago and I’ve noticed a substantial increase in aircraft noise pollution in that time. I’ve learned to deal with it during the day and in the mornings I can usually sleep through it (although it has taken me a long time to get to this point) but I absolutely can not stand the night training! Especially lately, aircraft has been starting up between 10-11pm and there are 4-5 of them going at a time! It’s far FAR too late for a weeknight, and as I’m up at 6 in the morning, I’m losing hours of sleep which is seriously impacting my studies. It’s not on and something needs to be done about the late training hours."

J Jenke of Mawson Lakes (09/01/2019)

"Cant talk on phone, watch TV, sleep or really do ANYTHING while training circuits are happening. Way too loud and way too often."

C B of Mawson Lakes (08/01/2019)

"It is driving me insane!!! I have been renting at Mawson Lakes near the school since 2014. I was told by the agent that leased me the place that the airport is hardly ever used these days. I had no idea it is a flight school until it was too late. I wish I could move but I don't have any options - it's very hard to find an affordable apartment and I am stuck in the kind of lease where they refuse to do a periodical lease and you must agree to a fixed term or leave (wish I could ). The noise from the planes has become worse in the time I've lived here and it's now getting to the point where it is unlivable. Very hard to relax in the evening with planes doing circuits right up until 11pm. After all that annoyance how can you get to sleep right away like you absoluely need to because, the circuit training is likely to wake you up again at 7am! I am someone who already has trouble sleeping and fortunately I work for myself so I can 'potentially' sleep in or even take a nap during the day... not here at Mawson Lakes! Can't remember the last time I was not woken up by circuit training. It's a horrible way to wake up to that grinding non stop noise. Not again you think to yourself wishing for it to stop and hoping that this last plane is the last one... then the disappointment when the next one goes by..And the next one... and so on..For hours.. Every day! It gets to the point where the noise from one plane doesn't even fade away before the next one. I wish for extremely hot weather and severe storms because then there is some peace here and I sleep all I can. I don't know how many days I have been forced to be awake when I should be resting, it has taken a serious toll on my physical well being as well as emotional. I feel helpless here and all my efforts to complain have been told they are not going to change anything. You cannot read a book, concentrate on anything, study, watch tv, talk on a phone, have a bbq or enjoy being outside. I don't invite people over because it is embarrassing. The noise rattles my windows sometimes and they definitely flying too low. I bought $400 bose noise cancelling headphones but I don't even use them for music. I wear them just for noise cancelling and try to sleep wearing them. Like I am ONBOARD a plane. They are not strong enough for the noise. I also got a dehumidifier machine and that is rated at 80db, it is LOUD I am running that through the winter every night and day to try and mask the noise. It's ok but it is costing a lot in power and don't need it for dehumidying reasons most of the time it's a big white noise machine ? I am also concerned with the air quality. My balcony and car gets coated in a thick black soot like dust, unlike i have ever seen in any other residential area. My home smells like exhaust fumes and I now have breathing problems and allergies i didn't have before. Of course, I don't open my windows even on a hot day because of the noise. Recently been thinking about the impact this flight training has on global warming. Parafield airport don't care about that though. Let's ban plastic straws though... I have complained many times but I think they throw these complaints in the trash. I have made many suggestions which also get told "no nothing will change". Suggestions included : - parafield paying for people to get sound proofing on their homes (as i heard adelaide airport did this ) - using simulation rather than circuits (as i had heard that the circuits especially at night, are unnecessary and could be mostly done by simulation) - using the east / west runway more often, rather than harassing the same homes everytime. -when using the north/ south runway why not extend the circuit pattern a little bit more south and you can avoid flying directly across Mawson Lakes Central - where it is very densley populated with apartments - doing this would mean your noise effects less homes... - instead on flying 1 or 2 planes in circuits all day long organize yourselves a bit more do that it's 6 or 5 or whatever the max number is . This would mean less time duration of the noise pollution, rather than being super annoying with 1 plane flying for 8 hours, go all out with 6 planes for a few hours at a time and how about doing that at a time that is not 1st thing in the morning or last thing at night. Even better if we can know when you will do that... - advice available for the public about what dates / times they plan to fly circuits so that we can plan to not be here. Or for example, you don't plan a little girls bday party when it's 6 planes doing circuits... - using electric planes that are quiter and not so devastating to the environment. - putting silencers or mufflers on the planes. - make the flight school students actually live here in mawson lakes and they can learn more about the impact of flight training! (Then we see how popular this flight school is!) I thought all of these ideas were pretty reasonable however not even considered.... Really I am surprised people are not rioting in the streets! I'm glad I found your page and I hope more people do and help everyone come together and find a solution to this - as it is absolutely ridiculous that this is allowed to continue and disgusting the plan to double the amount of flights. I could go on.... if you want to you can email me about this. Would be glad to try to help you if I can. "

A Daniels of Salisbury East (03/01/2019)

"The noise coming from these "planes" are indescribable. It penetrates so badly and is just a repetitive droning, vibrating, frequency, with severe fluctuations lasting almost 1 minute from when they first become audible to when they fly into the distance. This is incomparable to a normal airport, it is because the Parafield "Airport" is basically just flying training. Making matters worse is that unlike a normal airport, the planes are flown by students and there appears to be no consideration to smooth flying or efficient flying - it seems to be basically high power and high noise at low altitudes. The repetition is like torture-by-noise. They don't just fly straight out or in like a normal airport would, they perform arcs, turning suddenly in small areas and fly at high power in a straight line low over homes and public areas. I frequently have seen them much much lower than what you think they should be. There is no place that I can be free of the noise. The back yard, the house - all get the noise to the point you cannot escape at all. Can't think or concentrate with the noise. It is something that many would not comprehend until they are living in the area for a long time and flown over constantly."

J B of Parafield Gardens (02/01/2019)

"Airplaines constantly flying above my property . They have the sound of a lawnmower , it affects my life and my sleep. Airservices are useless as they can't regulate / control training flights (which are 90% of the total flights above Northern Suburbs). Parafield Airport management doesn't even bother to respond to complains , all they want is more people to train in order to to make more money. There is no law to control noise level and no body to control training flights - this is the source of the problem A (quite) simple solution would be to increase training flights to at least 1000m altitude. Salisbury Council is directly liable for the noise as it has approved land release for new properties to be built directly under the flight paths - and it's continuing to do it. A training airport should be outside city , at least 60km and not flying over the suburbs at 2-300m altitude. This might be some hope : For people who are not disturbed of airplanes flying over their properties : - did you consider all the droppings coming from the airplane engine exhaust ? it drops on you clothes , you breathe it... - did you consider a plane might crash on your house / back yard and might kill you / set up a fire /damage your property or car ? - if you want to sell the house you might not get a good price - aircraft noises are not very popular among house buyers ....."

M Sage of Brahma Lodge (10/12/2018)

"Since moving here it has been a nightmare - unliveable. Huge noise 7 days all day. Nobody can understand until they live here. Nothing like a traditional airport - it is a flight school for commercial pilots."

T Linke of Parafield Gardens (10/12/2018)

"We are unable to hold a conversation between 2 people outside due to the noise. We cant invite people over to have a coffee or BBQ outside due to the noise. When my children were babies they couldnt sleep. My dog is now affected as well as he chases the planes as they fly so consistant in the same line one after the other. I could go on and on."

B M of Parafield Gardens (09/12/2018)

"Weekend disturbance can make yard hard to use"

C Fiorita of Salisbury (07/12/2018)

"Can't enjoy peace and quiet, or privacy, in our back yard!"

C Walker of Parafield Gardens (06/12/2018)

"I have noticed a dramatic increase in plane activity since moving into this area (& street) in 1981. At it's worst, I have to turn up the TV, and on glorious summer-like days, close my doors to shut the noise out. When sitting or working outside, the planes go around & around. I can see planes taking off & landing from my swing seat in my backyard, or when sitting with visitors on our backyard decking. I've heard planes practice at all hours of the day, evening & sleeping hours, plus pre-dawn. The late at night (ie I've heard 11pm, 1am, 2.30-3.30am, 5.30am, etc) wakes me. The middle of the night waking me is the absolute worst, especially because of the high-pitched whirring of engines that was insanely loud in the still of the night - it was obvious they were practicing take-offs & landings. That one from 2.30am-3.30am I reported directly to Rev Dr Lynn Arnold, in my sheer frustration. As for outside, my guests can't stand the noise, and regularly complain about it. I once was having the outside of my house painted a couple of years ago by my uncle. His hearing couldn't cope with the aircraft noise, and he often went home very early, saying he couldn't take any more of the noise of the aircraft for the day. I recently had a local plumber here installing a new hot water system which took longer than expected. He likewise complained about the noise of the aircraft that morning. He was surprised, because he lives in my suburb, but on the otherside of Salisbury Highway, so had no idea that planes were such a nuisance. It annoyed him so much. Yes, I've had others complain, too, but these were the ones I distinctly remember. Nothing spoils a backyard get-together than planes whirring around & around. I have marked all days & all times on this survey, because I've noticed them all days & all times over the years (& increasingly so - it used to just be weekends, especially Saturdays back in 1981), but have never written them down to keep a pattern. Oh, and we also get helicopter practice (I gather), plus helicopters for police, media, sightseeing, etc use. Helicopters can be really bad, too... but less frequent. No, when we moved here (3 houses down the street from my current location) in 1981, the noise could be bad at times, but only the worst at airport flying show days. Now, I'd have no idea when a show is on, because it's always noisy... except I heard & saw that plane that crashed moments later into Brahama Lodge, killing it's pilot (it's engine sounded extreme, making me look & watch). I do worry about the amount of accidents that occur at Parafield, and especially as the area around the airport in general is being developed - in 37yrs, thats a LOT of new housing development around the general flying area, but with Mawson Lakes high rises & that bridge being extreme. I am a disability pensioner, with many health problems, so am home 24/7, as is my sickly elderly mother. Amongst other chronic conditions & pain, I suffer with chronic migraines, acute facial neuralgia & clinical depression which are directly impacted by loud noises outside. I like being outside, watching & listening to the beautiful native birds & parrots, but have to come inside a lot because of the at times constant planes. Fortunately at the moment, there are still some quiet days / times of the day, but I dread if this is plane noise is increased to many times more than currently. I fear people may not want to visit us... let alone how I will cope with how the noise impacts my own health & mental health. If my relatives, friends & tradesmen can't cope with current plane traffic, how will I be able to sell my house once the traffic increases, & without making a loss? Again, I've been woken up at various times during the night as planes have been used for practice, usually night take-off & landings - the worst possible noise there is on a still night, and which usually goes for an hour. It doesn't happen often, but enough to drive me crazy. I need peace, and I am concerned at not only the increase in traffic already, but what I've since heard from others is a plan to greatly increase plane activity. That airport needs to be moved out further from suburbia if the plane activity is significantly increased. I honestly don't know how I'll cope with my physical & mental need for peace & quiet. And will the beautiful native garden birds move away when the planes increase? PS: I can talk on the phone inside, with the door shut when planes are active, but definitely not outside at such times."

R Carlin of Wynn Vale (06/12/2018)

"I live in Wynn Vale on a ridge line and find the persistent droning impacts many aspects of my daily life when I am at home. It has got a lot worse the past 2-3 years. I also think the noise complaints process is a joke. I also think they fly too low and often below 1000ft. I would like to get involved in any actions/petitions etc. against them going forward"

M Brown of Salisbury East (06/12/2018)

"Lived here for 30 years. The planes don't bother me."

A Robinson of Brahma Lodge (06/12/2018)

"Hear it from time to time, maybe once or twice a day but it's not a big issue for me. Directly under Northern approach path."

D Spares of Paralowie (05/12/2018)

"I hear the massive military aircrafts more than Parafield Airport. And it doesn't bother me at all."

O Miller of Parafield Gardens (04/12/2018)

"I moved into the area in 1970. I noticed there was an airport on the other side of the train tracks. I knew there would be aircraft noise. I accepted that. I have a brain. Frankly, the trains are nosier than the planes. The airport does not bother me at all."

S Brown of Modbury Heights (04/12/2018)

"I start work later in the day and the noise wakes me. Installing roller shutters didn't help much. As I am on a hill they seem to sometimes fly lower than 1000ft over us making it much louder. I can't afford new insulation or Windows."

P Williams of Parafield Gardens (04/12/2018)

"It provides a pleasant backdrop to the constant noise from Salisbury Highway"

S Crowther of Parafield Gardens (04/12/2018)

"Especially during the evening when trying to put my child to sleep (8-9pm) I have other things off so as to not distract my daughter. But she hears and is distracted by the planes that fly past every 2-3 minutes. I have lived in my house for 10 years and in the area my whole life. I wound never have bought in the area if the planes were this frequent or as low as they are now."

J Crowther of Parafield Gardens (04/12/2018)

"- it impacts putting my daughter down for a nap or to sleep. - it made me loose focus while studying. At it's worst I used ear plugs so I could concentrate. - the constant overhead flying makes me feel like my backyard is not private. - we are moving because of the noise."

L Willis of Paralowie (04/12/2018)

"Doesn't affect my lifestyle at all Infact I luv hearing all the different aircraft noise"

J Wilson of Para Hills West (03/12/2018)

"I love my garden, it is (was) my therapy. Sadly I am not able to enjoy it as much these days as I did when I moved here 28 years ago because of the noise the planes make, when they are always flying over my house. I sometimes have to take my dogs to go away just for some peace and quiet :( so sad."

K Hickman of Salisbury East (03/12/2018)

"The training flights in particular have increased so much in the past 15-20 years that it has become impossible to enjoy my own home (indoors or outdoors) 7 days a week! The noise level is extreme. Why don't the engines have mufflers? I cant start my lawn mower till 10am on a Sunday but these can shatter any kind of peace from 8.30am!! I cant remember the last time I invited friends over for a BBQ as the noise is that disturbing! I am now forced to sell my home to move away from this noise pollution!! 7 days a week.... we don't even get one day reprieve!! We are treated like second class citizens while the CEO of the airport lives in his nice quiet home down south!! DISGUSTING!!"

V Peisley of Brahma Lodge (03/12/2018)

"Not a problem, you get used to and adjust to the noise. A person has a choice to move to the area if they don't like the airport being there they should never have moved here Where i live is in the flight path and does not cause a problem and i have lived here for over fifty years"

T E of Salisbury (29/11/2018)

"this constant insesant noise is doing my head in, at times i cant even think straight because of it, i can sometimes see the guys in their cockpit, my neighbours lawnmowers sound better than these things and dont last as long, on a couple of occasions i was inside the parabanks shopping centre talking to a shop assistant well the dreary sound of an aeroplane going over actually got to loud in there, what the????? i used to love doing my gardening and listening to the birds but now all i here are those horrible things over and over again, and not just 1 constantly one after the other, and trying to go to sleep at night and theres a plane buzzing around at 10 at night, im sure for the purpose they do it this has to be illegal, we cant make noise after 9 with out breaking some law so why are they allowed to???"

S Link of Salisbury East (23/11/2018)

"I can't speak to anyone in my yard unless im standing next to them. Cant hear the tv on a nice day without constantly turning volume up and down"

A Young of Salisbury (21/11/2018)

"The noise from aircraft training around Parafield Airport has had a profound impact on my life and especially my health and wellbeing. The threat of this training being increased and potentially doubled should concern everyone who lives in this area."

S Rombol of Salisbury (21/11/2018)

"Wakes me up early hours before i'm due to. Effects me at work because i'm tired. Interrupts phone calls. Interrupts socializing at home. Sleep broken. Waking children. Effects mental health, relationships due to lack of sleep."

K Howett of Salisbury (21/11/2018)

"We dont spend family time outside. The vibration from the droning planes goues through the house. On a hot day when the aircon is on we have to open windows and the noise gets louder and cant get away from it. Dont do shopping in the area cos you can hear it in side shops."

R Link of Salisbury East (20/11/2018)

"To have a conversation we need to move inside to hear each other speak as aircrafts fly over."

A Nicholson of Gulfview Heights (20/11/2018)

"I shut doors and windows when I am on a phone call as I cannot hear the other person on the line. I have to repeat myself or wait until the aircraft has passed overhead when entertaining guests outside. My kids complain they can't hear the teachers instructions on the school oval at Gulfview Heights primary school. I have video evidence and photographs of planes flying directly over my house. "

A Richards of Salisbury Downs (20/11/2018)

"I hate the aircraft noise especially the repetitive circuits. The noise makes me want to leave the area and I can't enjoy time at home or the garden areas. It makes me feel very depressed to live here and knowing nothing the Government is fighting residents because of some foreign trade agreement that is encouraging foreign students to train here and ruin our way of life."

P W of Paralowie (20/11/2018)

"no issue apart from helicopters late night early morning"

C Breton of Salisbury East (20/11/2018)

"Trying to call my pets on the weekends in my backyard can be a trial of patience waiting for the planes to stop for long enough."

B Breton of Salisbury East (19/11/2018)

"Aircraft noise is worse on weekends and entertaining in the backyard is difficult as hearing conversations is hard. Early weekend noises of planes is annoying if you want to sleep in."

C Hall of Mawson Lakes (19/11/2018)

"When purchasing a home in Mawson Lakes we were advised that the Parafield Airport was nearby and were asked to sign a declaration confirming same. When viewing the property on several occasions prior to purchase there were no memorable aircraft events so we thought that it would cause us no issues. However, the frequency of aircraft circuit training and it's associated noise has increased significantly since moving here. Now to an unacceptable level that has an impact on the peaceful enjoyment of our home. It impacts our ability to enjoy our backyard and even hold normal conversations whenever an aircraft passes even if it is not directly overhead but a long way off. We like to live with our windows open so there is no peace inside either. To hear our TV or radio during circuit training means a constant adjusting of volume to be able to hear the content when planes pass. In addition to the aircraft drone, we have noticed our free to air TV reception is interrupted whenever an aircraft passes over our house. We have also notice large amounts of black particles (soot?) that comes in through our windows. We cannot explain this as dust as it comes in through our second story windows. I tried to report a back-firing aircraft to air services once. It was almost impossible to contact the relevant person on the phone. I was eventually put through to the so-called correct department to only get a voice-mail service. They eventually called back many days later to be told they were not the "complaints" department. By now the "trail had gone cold" so to be able to identify the offending aircraft was probably impossible. I just gave up - maybe this is difficult by design. I am not against having an airport nearby for the occasional commercial light aircraft movement. What I object to is the continuous circuit training activity where there can be 6 or more aircraft going round and round in circles above predominantly residential areas. Surely they could take off and fly over the gulf for a few hours before returning. If they need to practice their landing and take-off then set up a dedicated landing strip for that purpose north of say Gawler in open farmlands. The students could just take off at Parafield once but fly north and practice their landings to their hearts content before returning to Parafield to land just once. In conclusion, I also really object to training on Sundays and Public Holidays. The trainers are probably charging the students a premium to do this on these days, but it is at our peaceful living expense."

G McHale of Salisbury North (19/11/2018)

"all of us in the north knew we were moving into an area that housed both parafield airport and Edinburgh raaf base. myself i like the planes"

T Noble of Salisbury East (19/11/2018)

"The main times I notice the aircraft noise is mid morning on weekends. I rarely notice the aircraft after 5:00pm and hardly ever any other time or day as I work during daylight hours Monday to Friday. I do not have any major issue with the noise as it stands now as I probably live in a less affected area in Salisbury East."

J Skilbeck of Gulfview Heights (19/11/2018)

"Relaxing in the backyard is a thing of the past. Can't even hold a conversation without stopping all the time. Just had to purchase some noise cancelling headphones in order to maintain the garden. Cannot open windows because of the constant drone buzzing over the rooftops. Can't even hear tv without increasing the volume. I sometimes feel like a prisoner in my own home. I have to go to my daughter's house out of the area for some welcome respite. I really feel strongly about the aircraft flying over schools. Gulfview Heights Primary where my grandchildren attend is a prime example. They fly low and are extremely noisy. This is totally unacceptable."

A Linke of Parafield Gardens (19/11/2018)

"The noise is so bad you cannot have a conversation between 2 people outside. If the planes flew higher the noise wouldnt be as bad and the types of training planes they use and the constant same plane flight. We could be here all day writing all the issues"

D Smallman of Para Hills West (19/11/2018)

"I live right near the airport and noise doesn't effect me anymore than road traffic noise would. When I bought my house 2 years ago I was able to recognise that there was an airport nearby and was able to make a decision to buy or not.... That's called common sense! If you don't like it ... move"

A Baker of Brahma Lodge (19/11/2018)

"It has had zero impact"

R Tyrell of Ingle Farm (19/11/2018)

"I am a shift worker and my sleep is continually disrupted. I have installed double blinds on windows to dull the noise. I did try sleeping tablets but low flying still wakes me and lack of sleep on drugs left me more sluggish. I do wear earplugs with some little effect and changed my roster so I only work 1 or 2 nights in a row so I can catch up sleep at night. We have only lived in the area for a year and I feel aeroplanes noise is worsening or my resilience is weakening. The planes loop directly overhead sometimes it appears they lose height as they bank it makes me think they would drop out of the sky and its feasible directly on our street/ house Had I known I NEVER would have considered buying in this area. We are considering our options on whether moving again is financially viable for us."

M Kitchen of Ingle Farm (19/11/2018)

"I hear road traffic noise all day. Air traffic is minor."

D Lucas of Para Hills (19/11/2018)

"It doesn't affect me I knew they were there when moved in they have a right to be able to fly there the airport has been there longer than the houses around it. People knew this when moving into the area and have no right to complain about it. It's no different than the increase in road traffic in the area its called progress people have to get over it and if they dont like the hussle and bussel of the modern area thats moving forward and creating jobs then they should move to he country."

D Healy of Salisbury (19/11/2018)

"It's not a problem"

B J of Direk (19/11/2018)

"No worries"

O Bear of Salisbury (19/11/2018)

"sometimes it can get a little noisy, especially when a noisy plane is flying low and you cant have a conversation with a person sitting next to you. Some days are nosier than others. Ur survey could of had a question about living directly under the flight path. Since you have no doubt been reading lots of comments on this survey it must get a little boring and mundane so here's something that will bring a smile to ur day. Q Why did the jelly bean go to school? A Because he wanted to be a smarty."

R Joy of Paralowie (19/11/2018)

"Noise from any aircraft coming or going to Parafield airport is minimal. There is more noise from the traffic on Main North road between the city and Elizabeth at almost any given time than the amount of noise from aircraft from Parafield Airport. Phone use near the airport is not an issue. We have more noise from an adjoining neighbour operating a scrap and towing businesses from their home than any noise associated with Parafield airport."

R Pritchard of Adelaide (19/11/2018)

"they get very low and it can be very frightening "

S Richardson of Mawson Lakes (19/11/2018)

"Doors have to be kept closed on a warm summers night so that I can hear my tv. I hear them late at night whilst trying to sleep and they often wake me in the morning. BBQ are affected by the noise. Friends have commented on it frequently."

M Defluiter of Brahma Lodge (19/11/2018)

"Planes fly right over my back yard as australain is as they come. doesnt bother me one bit keeps the kids entertained seeing whats coming next and waiting for it"

J Leckie of Gulfview Heights (18/11/2018)

"Consistent low flying noise. Wakes me up, can't open doors and windows at its worst. Federal, State and Local Governments are unable or unwilling to assist. No scrutiny, monitoring or assistance."

D Degilio of Pooraka (18/11/2018)

"I look after my great grand child, and she likes to play out side, but its unbearable to speak outside at times. I go out side at 7am to water my garden, and it starts then over my house in Pooraka. We cant sit out side at times, because we can't hear our self speak. Inside sometimes it is very loud as well. We have to keep the windows closed. We moved here, well over 25 years ago and was told nothing about the airport. We knew there was a airport, but thought it was only pleasure flights. Each year it has got worse, until it's just unbearable now, and every week it's getting worse. The planes are one behind the other, like following each other, not even a few mins break. One day my hubby was laying on the bed about 4pm listening to his radio and this plane was coming over the roof of our house. We heard it crashed on Montague Road. Then we used to get them turn there engines off over the top our house and i was waiting for them to come down. Last week two days I just had to go out to get away from the noise."

G Scanlon of Para Hills West (18/11/2018)

"Unable to have door and or windows does open on bad days. Had to purchase noise cancelling headphones just so that I can sit outside and enjoy a pleasant day, and even have to wear them inside my home even with doors and windows closed. The noise not only disturbs sleep time (before 11pm, but also wakes you up at 7am, so no chance of a sleep in, on days off. No such thing as a nice family BBQ at home anymore, as the never ending drone of planes do not make it enjoyable, so now don't get many visitors anymore :( certainly cant enjoy the garden and my home has become a prison."

C Footner of Gulfview Heights (18/11/2018)

"The mornings are the worst. Working late and then the continuous drone. Love cloudy, windy days."

R Sloper of Wynn Vale (18/11/2018)

"i live in wynn vale so i appreciate the noise is worse in other suburbs like pooraka and mawsons lake - however, it doesn't remove the fact that we are impacted daily by the constant buzzing and drone like sound going back and forth in front of our house. it's infuriating to be woken up at 7am, highly annoying to have doors and windows kept closed and down right wrong to have to put up with this racket all hours of the day, EVERYDAY. we just want to enjoy what is a lovely area and our relatively new house. instead i look forward to bad weather, lunch hour and xmas day where i know they dont fly."

C Patrick of Para Hills (18/11/2018)

"When aircraft are circuit training i can not hold a conversation out side with anyone, even in side at the tea table there are pauses until aircraft have flown over and past. So i get no reasonable use out of my own yard and to a point where hearing loss could be a factor, cause i spend a lot of time in my garden.Talking to older people in my street i have found out most of the long term residents that used to live here have caught cancer, and if you would consider that was a time when people drank the rain water and ate fruit and veg from home gardens. Besides the obvious health issues living near an airport I am not at the end of a runway but 2.5 km away to the side and yet still endure industrial levels of noise."

A Smith of Salisbury East (18/11/2018)

"Sometimes the aircraft noise is so loud, it wakes my son up from his nap. This is a concern as he is quite young, and day time naps are critical for his development."

J Craig of Mawson Lakes (18/11/2018)

"My life is being negatively impacted by the constant buzzing of aircraft noise from Parafield Airport. I am consistently woken up prior to 7:00 AM and can't sleep any earlier than 11:00 PM most days. It is difficult to relax and concentrate when the relentless and frequent noise is occurring. My mental health has taken a sharp dive because of this issue and I am ashamed to live in the area. I am in disbelief that this has been occurring for decades and is getting worse. I can't open my house up for fresh air because of the noise, I can't watch TV shows whilst planes are flying over my house, I can't enjoy my house in peace which I thought would have been a fairly basic right in this country. Parafield Airport, its training schools and anybody who has contributed to the increase in aircraft noise need to be held accountable."

J Ng of Mawson Lakes (18/11/2018)

"I need to close my window and door if it is in the peak time. It is not acceptable for aircraft fly 630 am or after 11pm. People are still sleeping"

S Johnson of Salisbury (17/11/2018)

"The noise makes it difficult to concentrate on any task when I am at home. It has an impact on my family also. Relationship is strained due to noise and deciding whether to stay or move. This pollution scare will have a negative force on property values and lower pricers will make it almost impossible to relocate. We can't use our backyard much due to awful irritating noise from aircraft."

A Saccardo of Salisbury Downs (17/11/2018)

"Just to qualify Q10 & Q11..the training circuit noise can and does occur frequently and always within those frameworks. Sometimes less often or intermittently on some days. There have been days however when it occurs relentlessly within those time frames and my husband measured 100 circuits over our home in 1 hour on the Webtrak app as an example. Q7 I bought noise cancelling headphones but the noise still permeates and wearing headphones makes me feel uncomfortable over a long time wearing them. I cannot enjoy my home in peace, I spend minimal time out of doors because of the noise, I cannot hear callers on my mobile phone on my back deck, I cannot entertain family and friends as the noise is too impacting on a social get together. As far as personally, The noise makes me unable to think straight or concentrate on a simple thing like writing a shopping list. I get anxious and shaky and sometimes I am pushed to tears because of the relentless nature of the noise. The worst thing is the lack of the ability to do anything about it and the disappointing responses of any of the above mentioned areas of complaint. As well as that my extended living area is affected as these planes fly over my doctors surgery, my local shops and other amenities so everywhere I go locally is impacted with aircraft noise. I can't take my grandson to the Bridgestone playground because of the incessant noise of training flights overhead. "

S Bordeaux of Salisbury Downs (17/11/2018)

"The main problem is that many people cannot enjoy time at home without the threat of prolonged aircraft training noise. You never know exactly when they will be at their worst as it varies due to weather conditions, how experienced the pilots are. You can't enjoy going into your garden as the noise is much worse outside when they are training. I have to leave my home for hours at a time when the noise is very bad even if I am not well. Sometimes I stay out until 10pm at night to avoid the noise. This is often inconvenient."

T Le of Mawson Lakes (17/11/2018)

"Unable to hear my tv shows"


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