Flight Frequency Tool EXPERIMENTAL

The purpose of this tool is to provide objective and accurate information drawn from publicly available data sources on how many planes fly near your house (within a 1 kilometre radius) on any given day and how frequent they are. This information will be used to inform policy makers of the torturous conditions residents surrounding Parafield Airport are subject to.

The radius breaches are calculated as any aircraft track that enters your home's 1 kilometre radius and hasn't been seen for at least 1 minute. This removes aircraft that linger in your 1 kilometre radius from short temporal differences in radar data. It would be unfair to count a plane that enters your 1 kilometre radius and has ten radar hits within a 30 second period as ten breaches as it slowly travels near your home.

This tool uses radar data available from WebTrak and is updated on a daily basis (the latest data will be 24 hours behind the current date). Data is available from 01/09/2019 onwards.

If you encounter any issues, please report them.

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